Major Jewish Organizations Find Systemic Israeli Discrimination

In March 2008, ShalomNewHaven, the newspaper of the New Haven, CT, Jewish Federation, published a partial report, link below, on discrimination in Israeli society. Over sixty “participants from other federations and organizations in the United States, Canada and the UK, and Philanthropies and philanthropic professionals participated in the investigation.”

This report does not cover discrimination in the West Bank where settler colonists get vast resources and the indigenous Palestinian population lives under military occupation, starved of water, land and infrastructure. It deals with Israel proper, comparing citizens who are Palestinian with citizens who are Jewish.

The partial report’s findings are scandalous. They were reported to the Israeli government. Yet it’s hard to impossible to find the full report anywhere.

The attached file is taken from a scan of that publication.  Its concluding statement, “[Israel’s] future depends on … a continued deep and fundamental commitment to a just and inclusive ]ewish democratic State where the rights of the non-Jewish minority are respected and the Arab minority can respect the aspirations of the Jewish majority as they together live in peace,” has not only been ignored since 2008 but with new laws Jewish anti-Arab discrimination within Israel proper has gotten far worse.

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