How the Map of Palestine has Disintegrated Since 1947

Here are two graphics with maps of Israel/Palestine.

The first set of maps displays how land included in the British Mandate (whose ownership the inhabitants had no say over) has over time been taken over by the state of Israel, continually squeezing the historic Palestinian population, making life more precarious, disrupted, disconnected from neighboring communities, less livable and less stable.

Here are an Israeli winery map and a map from Israeli textbooks . Note that these both claim all land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. Furthermore, they claim the Golan, which is land stolen from Syria. President Trump has also “given” Israel this Syrian territory, an action which violates International Law. Through these maps Israel has asserted a one-state policy, excluding a Palestinian state and also incorporating both West Bank and Gaza Palestinians, who have no rights which Israel is bound to honor.

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