Moving Connecticut’s Economy From War to Peace

Moving Connecticut’s Economy From War to Peace; Practical, Public Actions, Jan, 9, 2021, featured Richard Wolff, Keynote; Professor of Economics, emeritus, Founder Democracy at Work; author: “The Sickness is the System, When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself,” Danny Sjursen, Moderator; U.S. Army Major, retired, Senior Fellow, Center for International Policy and contributing editor at; Ben Florsheim, Mayor, Middletown, CT, Elected 2019 Youngest Mayor in City History; former aide to CT Senator Chris Murphy; Adrian Huq, Co-founder New Haven Climate Movement’s Youth Action Team, 2020 graduate of public school in New Haven and Volunteer, New Haven Peace Commission; Joe Jamison, Coordinator, Move the Money To Human Needs Coalition and Former Research Director, New York State Labor Council.

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