Oppenheimer Flier Handout

Hand out this flier at screenings of the film Oppenheimer to start a conversation and motivate viewers to sign a petition to ban the bomb. Read more »


The U.S. military budget dwarfs not only all other federal discretionary funding but also the military spending of every other country. The U.S. government appropriated $21 trillion to fund militarization of the... Read more »

Earth/Peace Day New Haven April 22

Join New Haven Climate Movement, the City of New Haven Peace Commission, Greater New Haven Peace Council, and Connecticut Climate Crisis Mobilization for our Earth Day celebration on April 22nd at 4pm in front of New... Read more »

Sign Petition: Decrease Military Spending, Save Jobs, Fund Needs

We call on Connecticut’s Congressional delegation to work promptly and diligently to significantly decrease the US military budget and redirect savings to the needs of our communities Read more »

Money For Human Needs Slides 2020.8

Slide show presentation demonstrates moving money from killing and destruction to healing and building. Read more »

Military Budget

Read more »